20th January 2014

The Sound of Confusion has posted a great review of Happy Birthday Adrienne:

"It's weird how the trend for certain words in band names comes and goes. There've been no shortage of beach/sea/surf related names recently, and before that it was all crystal and wolf. The latest fashion seems to be TV. We've had TV Girl, TV Ghost, TV Buddhas, King TV and more, and now we can add Last Night's TV to that list. The duo have actually been together for a few years and their album 'The End Of The Measured Mile' crept out in the autumn. If you happen to enjoy this single, then we'll point you in the direction of their Bandcamp page where you'll find lots more. There will of course be plenty of fans who've been there from day one, but this single is our introduction, and we like it.

On the surface, 'Happy Birthday Adrienne' is fairly simple indiepop. There are no orchestras welded on to boost the sound and there's no attempt at creating a false wall of noise with a load of synths; instead we get twinkling guitar, subtle drums, sweet vocals and a touch of organ. This song doesn't need much more, it's the melody and the emotion carried in the voice of Natalie Leadbetter that make the track. Comparisons are easy, you just mention Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura and people will instantly know what sort of sound we're talking about. Sure, those are obvious names to throw in, but both are great bands and there should be no shame in being likened to such giants of the genre. This is a tune that may owe a debt, but it's all good."

20th January 2014

The new single Happy Birthday Adrienne is now available to download from Bandcamp:

6th January 2014

Here's the lyric video for Happy Birthday Adrienne!

4th January 2014

Happy new year to everyone from LNTV! We're releasing one more single from The End of the Measured Mile, before heading back to the studio to record some brand new songs. The single in question is Happy Birthday Adrienne, which will be available from the usual download stores from 20th January (we'll have links on here nearer the date). In the meantime, here's the artwork:

8th December 2013

Just spotted the absolutely fantastic review of The End of the Measured Mile in the latest edition of Vibrations magazine:

"If you like your music full of bluster, noise and bravado, you will hate this album. If, on the other hand, you appreciate expertly written songs full of wit, insight and performed in a quietly confident manner, then this is an album you're guaranteed to get a great deal out of. Spencer Bayles seemed to have knocked Last Night's TV on the head back in 2010 after that year's exceptional Everyone Here Was A Stranger album, and although he's been far from idle in the interim (producing no less than four albums as part of The Housekeeping Society), it's good to have him and them back.

"The whole thing kicks off rather appropriately with a trombone duo fanfare at the start of '12th June' which sets the loose theme of time passing that permeates the whole album. The sparse acoustic guitar and hushed vocals of that song sets the general tone of unhurried contemplation that is (was) a feature of LNTV albums. Also present and correct is that indefinable thing that attracts you back to Bayles's seemingly insubstantial and ephemeral songs only to discover after another three or four plays that what you have is another collection of superb songs. In particular; 'Someone Else Can Tend the Weeds' has an agreeably boisterous rolling rhythm, and a chorus that ends with a line seemingly suspended in mid-air; the same attention to detail is in the skilled orchestrations that lift 'Somewhere Else Not Here'; and, best of all, the interaction of the melody and music on 'Syllables' is just gorgeous.

"Quietly brilliant." - Steve Walsh

4th November 2013

The second single from The End of the Measured Mile takes the form of an exclusive release via Noisetrade. Headed up by The Actress, there are also a couple of bonus tracks from previous releases - Forget Everything and Nice To Have A History. Please download and spread the word!

17th October 2013

"The End of the Measured Mile is a dreamy listen, ideal for quite moments of reflection"

Nice review in today's Yorkshire Evening Post

14th October 2013

It's album release day!!! The End of the Measured Mile is now available from all the usual digital download stores - iTunes, 7Digital, AmazonMP3 to name but three.

As a special launch deal for one week only, the digital version is available to download from our Bandcamp page for just 5 - stream and buy here:

Aside from being available on all the usual digital download outlets, we're producing a limited run of CDR editions of the new album, available now for 8 (which includes postage):

5th October 2013

Just found out Steve Lamacq played '12th June' on his Radio 2 show! No longer available on Listen Again, but the track list for the show is here. He described it as a 'deft little single', which is good enough for us!

22nd September 2013

Having hopefully downloaded your free copy of '12th June' (see below), there are some other tracks from the new album available to hear online. We're streaming a couple of tunes on our Soundcloud page -

'Happy Birthday Adrienne':

'The Actress':

...and you can hear 'Syllables' on a recent edition of the excellent
Straight To Your Head podcast.

In other news, 'Happy Birthday Adrienne' picked up its first spot of airplay on yesterday's BBC Introducing show (available to hear on Listen Again for a week)

10th September 2013

We are thrilled to announce details of our new album, The End of the Measured Mile, which will be released by Demon Suitcase Records on 14th October. The album features the single '12th June', which is available for a short time as a free download:

The full track-list for the album is:

12th June
The Actress
Someone Else Can Tend The Weeds
Happy Birthday Adrienne
Somewhere Else Not Here
I Can Picture My Friend
You And I Are A Million Words
See You Next Summer