The End of the Measured Mile
(Album, October 2013)

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01 12th June
02 The Actress
03 Someone Else Can Tend The Weeds
04 Happy Birthday Adrienne
05 Somewhere Else Not Here
06 Syllables
07 I Can Picture My Friend
08 You And I Are A Million Words
09 See You Next Summer

All songs written by Spencer Bayles (copyright control)

Performed by Spencer Bayles and Natalie Leadbetter
Tim Hann - backing vocal on 12th June;
percussion on Somewhere Else Not Here
Sarah Jones - backing vocal on Somewhere Else Not Here
Owen Marriott - electric guitar on Happy Birthday Adrienne
Rebecca Maunder - tenor horn on 12th June
Chris Maunder - drums on Someone Else Can Tend The Weeds

Produced by Spencer Bayles
Mixed by Tim Hann
Mastered by Gary Chilton

Artwork by Natalie Leadbetter


No Tinsel on the Town Hall
(Single, December 2010)

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01 No Tinsel On The Town Hall

written by Spencer Bayles

Spencer Bayles: lead vocal, guitar, bass, piano
Natalie Long: lead vocal
Sarah Jones: backing vocal, violin, glockenspiel

Recorded June-August 2010
Produced and mixed by Will Richards @
Diamond Studios, Wakefield

Choir: Susan Anderson, Mark Ashman, Judith Cain,
Beth Daley, Esther Dyer, Kathryn Firth, David Gordon,
Kathryn Greenwood, Tim Hann, Laura Heskins, Julie Hobson,
Annie Johnstone, Neil Jones, David Keighley, Frank Lee, Clare
Marston, Danielle Mohr, Ric Neale, Chris Oddy, Emma Parker,
Fiona Skilling, Kirstie Smith, Paul Taylor, Kerri Walker

With additional thanks to Anna Jones, Claire Jones, Jane Oddy
and James Brunger


Everyone Here Was a Stranger
(Album, September 2010)

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01 The Streetlight
02 Everyone Here Was A Stranger
03 Susannah, It's Not Worth It
04 Dear Arabella
05 Frank
06 A Small Diversion
07 Way Around
08 Old Suspicions/New Suspicions
09 Here Again
10 We Fell Out

All songs written by Spencer Bayles
except Here Again by Natalie Long
and A Small Diversion by Sarah Jones

Spencer Bayles (vocals, guitars, bass, piano)
Natalie Long (vocals)
Sarah Jones (violin, backing vocals)
Owen Marriott (lead guitars on We Fell Out and
ukulele on Frank)

Produced and mixed by Spencer Bayles
Mastered by Will Richards @ Diamond Studios

Cover picture adapted from a photo by
Margrethe Wallenius Houghton